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How to Create a Blog on Google

Blogger requires a compatible browser and operating system.


Google Chrome;
Safari 4 and later;
Firefox 3.6 and later;
Microsoft Edge;


Linux (Ubuntu);
MacOS X.

Also make sure your browser has cookies and JavaScript enabled.
Step by step guide to creating a blog

To get started, sign in to your Google account. You can create a Blogger profile or use an existing Google+ profile.

Note. When using Blogger, you must comply with the Blogger Content Policy and Terms of Use.
1. Create a new blog

The maximum number of blogs in one account is 100. To create a new blog, follow these steps:

In the upper left corner, click New Blog.
Enter the name of your blog in the dialog box that opens.
Select the blog address (URL). Visitors will use it to access the blog.
Select a template and click Create Blog.

Advice. The title and address of the blog may include, for example, your name, the main topic of the blog, or even the city where you live.

How to find blog URL

There are two ways.
In browser

On the blog you want to search for, click View Blog.
The blog URL is displayed in the browser's address bar.

Using the toolbar

Click on the blog title.
In the menu on the left, click Settings > General > Sharing.
The blog URL can be found in the "Blog Address" field.

To change the URL, follow the same steps and then click Edit.

If a blog is permanently deleted, its URL can no longer be used.
2. Working with the Blogger Dashboard

The Blogger Dashboard contains a list of your blogs and some quick links.

To go to blog management, click on its name.
To create an entry, click Create new message.
To view messages, click Go to message list.
To see other available actions, click More
To see what your blog looks like to readers, click View Blog.

3. Blog Management

Once you've created a blog, a dashboard will open to help you manage it.

The Overview tab lets you view your blog's traffic statistics, news and tips from the Blogger team, and more.
To write something on the blog, in the upper left corner, click Create Post.

To go back to the Blogger Dashboard, click My Blogs at the top left.
4. Blog View

There are two ways to see what your blog looks like.

On the Blogger toolbar, click View Blog.
At the top of the blog toolbar, click View Blog.

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Source: support.google.com
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