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At the end of last month, "Blogs" turned 7 years old. And this is a great occasion for the next meeting with the readers of our site. How did everything go? Let's talk!

The editors started preparing for the celebration of the birthday of "Blogs" in advance. 7th Anniversary Celebration Three weeks before X-Day, April 4, we launched a marathon of author posts, at stake which was a trip to Crete - a holiday in the luxurious ALDEMAR ROYAL MARE & SUITES hotel 5* from the leading international travel operator TEZ TOUR.

Frankly, three weeks flew by like a moment: we only had time to read the competitive publications, placing bets on which stories would be among the finalists. On April 25, the answer to the main question - who will fly to Crete, was finally given. And we decided to announce the name of the lucky one at the birthday party.

However, it is much more interesting to read a report (firsthand!), Written by one of his own - from bloggers. Therefore, arizonadream, who was among the winners of the competition and who came to our friendly gatherings, will tell about how everything went.

It was the first time I decided to attend such an event. While I was deciding, it was curious. And scary. But the desire to finally see those with whom you “talk” on various topics nights and days (which is already there, for years), comment on news, gossip, or simply admire pictures of cats and men, overpowered doubt and fear.

On April 27 at 19:00, to celebrate the 7th anniversary of "Blogs" on "Gossip" and the solemn awarding of the winners of the marathon of author's posts, the editors gathered those who were especially suffering on the 13th floor of the Beijing Hotel - in the Time Out bar. Before the award ceremony, we had about an hour to get to know and chat with each other, drink champagne and white wine.

The food was good: a lot of tasty things were offered, but in my excitement I missed all the snacks, barely managed to grab some kind of sandwich and a couple of orange slices. And even a duck leg with lentils, I could have lost, if not for Gossip Girl, who demanded the waiter to bring my forgotten hot dish.

PR- директор TEZ TOUR Лариса Аханова и победительница марафона авторских постов TinaDorosh

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