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Yesterday we released Monstroid, a WordPress theme builder. The new product will suit WP users of all levels, and will also help create sites of varying complexity, including online stores.

The basis for the theme was Cherry Framework 4, from which they took all the best: plugins, shortcodes and added a lot of new and unique things. From Cherry Framework 4, the novelty also adopted the modular code system, which made Monstroid even more flexible, since each module exists independently of the others.

Monstroid has a built-in MotoPress content editor, which provides all sorts of layout options for page elements and styles (review on Habré - using the drag’n’drop principle, you can change the page structure directly in the theme.

Monstroid Skin Switcher is a front-end switching tool (with Material, Flat, Metro, Minimal, Grunge, Skeuomorphic, Low Poly, Retro, 8-Bit or Non-Standard Geometry stylizations).

Monstroid Wizard will help you install the theme without leaving the admin panel. Theme files are loaded via the plugin from the cloud.

MotoPress Slider is a slider with a lot of features.

Cherry Data Manager will help you transfer and install the site (export/import sample data of the theme).

Cherry Team, Cherry Services and Cherry Testimonials plugins create custom post types with predefined fields to easily display service workers and testimonials.

Cherry Portfolio allows you to create a gallery and portfolio. The plugin adds its post formats.

Cherry Shortcodes is a set of shortcodes that was introduced in Cherry Framework 4.

Cherry Blog Layouts allows you to display posts and listings in different layouts.

Cherry Custom Sidebar is responsible for creating new sidebars.

Cherry Simple Slider includes a slider that can be inserted not only on the main page but also on any other.

Cherry Grid is a plugin that allows you to display posts in the form of Rows, Columns and Masonry.

Cherry Social is integrated with a lot of social networks. Includes "like" and "share" buttons, as well as commenting capabilities.

Cherry Mega Menu is a plug-in for advanced editing of website navigation. With it, you can attach images, buttons, and various text to drop-down menus.

Cherry Shortcodes Templater allows you to create and edit shortcode templates.

Cherry Ranking adds a rating system to the site.

Source: habrahabr.ru
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