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I seriously thought about creating a fresh and up-to-date database of dofollow blogs. As I noticed, a few bloggers are now doing this, which is why I have collected fresh dofollow sites.

The base of dofollow blogs will be constantly updated with new blogs, so the list will always remain fresh. If your blog is pre-followed - let me know in the comments as soon as I check - your blog will be listed and you will get an open indexed link to your web resource. If your site becomes dofollow after a few comments, be sure to post it.

I personally check and recheck all sites for open links, as well as for the "liveness" of the blog - if the site is not updated for 2-3 months, then it will soon fall out of the database.

N is the number of comments after which the blog becomes dofollow.

Below, a free list of blogs (base), follow the instructions and it will immediately become available to you.
What is a dofollow blog

Dofollow blogs - up-to-date list Dofollow blogs are sites on which links in comments are not blocked from passing weight by the nofollow tag (read more about tags). And since they are not closed, then to get a link to the main page of the site, you only need to comment on the dofollow blog. Both commentators and bloggers are satisfied - the former receive a link, the latter a good comment.

Why do you need a base of dofollow blogs? I must say right away that it is very difficult to increase the TIC by commenting on pre-follow blogs. You will have to leave 100 or even 200 comments to get the top ten. And then these figures are very conditional, because several factors influence the weight, such as the indicators of the TCI, PR and trust of the donor page, the number of open links on this page, the degree of "thematic" of your site and this one, etc. But still, there is a point in commenting on dofollow blogs: by doing so, you get a trusted link to the main page of your site, and the level of trust from search engines increases in you. In addition, you are building up a link mass, which is never superfluous. In other words, commenting on these blogs is like, except you don't have to link back.

Most dofollow blog owners manually moderate all comments, so stupid posts like “Cool article”, “Cool”, “Cool post write more” will not work. If you want to get a free link, then work hard - read the article carefully and leave a meaningful (in all meanings of the word) and detailed comment.

Source: great-world.ru
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