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This article is a kind of master class in which I will talk about how I managed to become a popular blogger and share my thoughts on this matter. I divided the post into the following topics:

* Blog theme
* Blog Promotion
* Blog content
* Attitude towards readers
* Ratings
* Why become a popular blogger?
* Reverse side of popularity

Before you jump into the rankings race, you must realize that running a popular blog is a daily job that takes a lot of time. Weigh the pros and cons, and if that doesn't scare you, then...

Blog topics

A blog is, first of all, your personal diary in which you share your thoughts, views, and talk about your life with readers. However, this is not enough for the blog to become popular. A blog should have a theme. When choosing a topic, do not forget about the target audience, that is, your readers.

Firstly, you yourself should be well versed in what you are going to write about, and secondly, this topic should be of interest to the maximum number of readers. That is, you can write very interesting, often and in detail about the specifics of brake pads, but there are hardly many people who are ready to read about it every day.

Here are some examples of interesting blogs with clear topics:

- Aviation blog. Alexey writes about his work as a pilot and about his personal life. Target audience: people who occasionally fly airplanes and are interested in aviation.

- Culinary blog. Veronica posts recipes with beautiful photos and writes about her personal life. Target audience: women and men who love to eat and cook deliciously.

- Business blog. Oleg writes about business. He answers questions from start-up entrepreneurs, shares his experience, writes about his personal life. Target audience: entrepreneurs, people with an active lifestyle.

- Italian blog. Svetlana lives in Italy. He writes about the country and about his personal life. Target audience: people who live, have visited or are interested in Italy.

As you can see, it is very difficult to throw out personal life from a diary, and it is not necessary, otherwise your LiveJournal will turn from a blog into a news feed or a specialized website.

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