Бюджетные косметические

Cosmetic Blogs


The site contains information about promotions in cosmetics stores, samples in magazines, samples and gifts by mail, etc.

Women's online magazine about cosmetics and beauty.

Purchase Reviews on iHerb.com. Reviews of cosmetics, goods for the home and health.

Owner: Marina

Women's blog about beauty and healthy lifestyle. How to choose the right cosmetics, perfumes, new trends in the world of beauty.

Owner: Baturina Anastasia Nikolaevna

All recipes for beauty and youth. You can make your skin look young and radiant with natural products without resorting to expensive products.

Owner: Irina Miller

Sale of cosmetics for hair, tanning, face, body. Delivery across Russia.

Owner: Petriy E.A.

collection of discounts and promotional codes of various online stores.

A blog about natural cosmetics, personal care, proper nutrition, travel.

A blog about fashion and beauty from the East: reviews of Korean, Japanese, Thai cosmetics, interviews with Asian designers, makeup lessons for Eastern girls, advice from cosmetologists and makeup artists.

Exclusive products of the Argo Company: biologically active food supplements, external products and cosmetics, shungite, water filters, Lyapko applicators, therapeutic devices. Improvement and improvement of the quality of life, the environment. Additional income.

Owner: Morosyak Artur


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