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The Ministry of Economic Development decided to help small businesses and creates electronic trading platforms.
Our disinterested state creates business, right before the eyes of all honest people, it develops economic freedom and business.
Everyone agrees that the problem with business exists and is not being solved.
Both Putin and all members of the government talk about the need to stimulate the development of small businesses and about economic freedoms. This, of course, is paradoxical and futile to develop business with the help of state structures.
But this was already in the 90s, when Gossnab, Mosgorsnab tried to create an exchange independent of the state. They promised to sell goods through them. Selected companies were collected - entrance only for their own. All this ended in nothing.
To create privileged instruments in the economy of close friends, for these closest friends, is a pointless and costly undertaking. I do not think that the initiators of this idea will share with the participants the budgetary funds allocated for such a project.
In 1990, huge funds were allocated for a similar project, the authorities of the Gossnab, the future leaders of the exchange and, of course, the deputies went on a long-term internship to the Chicago Stock Exchange. An entire building was allocated in Moscow for this project.
But no one, except for a few people, did not earn anything.
Brokers earned on the RTSB, created independently of the state by the entrepreneurs themselves, on other normal exchanges.
If someone from a small business wants to check the general laws of development, please. But do not be surprised to find yourself entangled in milking machines and the ideological attitudes of some well-known stock trader in uniform.
We need to start by creating a protective dome for a structure that will not allow officials and security forces to nightmare business, and will allow business to develop normally.
It would be nice to do something with the legal environment, which, unfortunately, simply does not exist in Russia.
While the problems of small business are dealt with by experts in uniform, they will only be able to create a small business in uniform.

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