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Today we will share the secrets of the perfect summer look! In the summer, I want to feel lightness and freedom in everything, especially my favorite jeans. They are now in the wardrobe of every fashionista, and those who claim the opposite are simply cunning. In the summer, I put heavy denim in the closet and put light jeans or chambray trousers on the shelf, a fabric that is dense and similar in its weave and coloring to denim. And, accordingly, what kind of summer can be without the transformation and updating of the wardrobe?

Boyfriend jeans are very popular these days. They are an obligatory component of the summer collection of any modern brand, take Gloria Jeans as an example, in the assortment of which this model is presented in different variations. Loose legs, uneven torn holes and scuffs, folds, bare ankles. An outfit worthy of a rebellious street style, especially when paired with a fringed tank top and lace-up sneakers.

1.jpg I like looking at bows like this, but to be honest, they don't quite suit me. However, this does not negate their cute appearance. Especially, fresh and new fashion to wear boyfriends along with high heels and silk blouse. Really bright and colorful fashion for everyday style. And if also lips with juicy red lipstick. Mmm... You immediately see yourself as a model from the cover of a fashion magazine or some cool beauty blog!)

But I still love how tight-fitting jeans sit, how they follow the curves of the body, and even better when they fit like a second skin. And it seems to me that I found the perfect model for myself in the Gloria Jeans store. These are bleached denim jeans with tapered legs. What's so special about them, you ask? I will answer with pleasure! This is a super-comfortable detail - an elastic band at the waist and a drawstring.

Exactly what I needed and what I was looking for. Casual sporty chic with a touch of casual glamour. The golden mean, which some time ago could only dream of. These jeans can be worn with both a jersey T-shirt and a blouse. Actually, that's what I do. We don’t have a dress code as such at work, colleagues appreciated my new jeans and a blouse with breast pockets, which I bought on the same day.

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