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Сметанно-сливочное желе с черешней

My love for cherries cannot be described in words. During the season, I eat it in incredible quantities, and something tells me that it is impossible for her to overeat. I eat cherries, of course, fresh and usually do not cook anything from it. But today there will be an exception - I offer you a variant of a delicious dessert with cherries.

The dessert consists of two parts - sour cream and berry layers. As a liquid base for berry jelly, I took cherry juice from the package - it blends most organically with cherries.

The promised sweet Monday will still be sweet this time - albeit belatedly. Let's start the week with delicious delicate sweets with the aroma and taste of lime and honey. Cooking these truffles is not particularly difficult. But it is very important to use normal quality chocolate for them, because it is he who determines the main taste.

Lime Honey Chocolate TrufflesThese candies can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 6 weeks (about a month and a half). After the refrigerator, before serving, you need to let them lie down for 10-15 minutes at room temperature.

I must immediately honestly say that this homemade dessert is still different from the original Snickers - I cooked it with honey nougat. In terms of taste, he only benefited from this, but authenticity still swerved to the side.

Today I have a new recipe for a simple and very tasty dessert for you. This is panna cotta with caramel flavor. Moreover, the taste of caramel is achieved here not due to boiled condensed milk or melted toffee. Homemade The whole secret is in caramelized sugar. The main thing is not to burn it, so as not to get a bitter taste.

In total, for dessert you need three ingredients. Well, four, if you decide to garnish the panna cotta with whipped cream.

I am fulfilling another order from Banoffi Pie readers. This modern dessert comes from England. It is prepared very simply, and the main ingredients are encrypted in its name: BANANA and TOFFI (this is something between caramel sauce and soft toffee, in fact, boiled condensed milk is most often used).

I suggest a biscuit based version of Banoffee - like a cheesecake. But there are also such options when the base is baked from shortcrust pastry.

Another recipe from the application list is homemade Brazilian brigadeiro sweets. Easy to prepare, completely accessible in terms of ingredients. And delicious With a cup of coffee or tea - the most it. I can't stop right now - I eat and eat one after another

In taste and texture, these candies are somewhere between chocolate truffle and soft chocolate toffee. By the way, the brigadeiro mass can be used for filling pasta cakes.

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Vlog: Delicious Trout Cheese Soup Recipe!
Vlog: Delicious Trout Cheese Soup Recipe!
Salad Spark of happiness . Cooking. Recipes. Understandably delicious.
Salad "Spark of happiness". Cooking. Recipes. Understandably delicious.
Strawberry-Apple Crumble - a simple recipe for a delicious
Strawberry-Apple Crumble - a simple recipe for a delicious ...
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