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How to promote LiveJournal

Social media is very trendy these days. Almost every self-respecting entrepreneur considers it his duty to create a page or group, and preferably not just one, but better everywhere at once. At the same time, the goals of creating such representative offices are somehow forgotten.

Meanwhile, such a dispersion of efforts across multiple outposts almost never gives a noticeable result. The Pareto principle works: 80% of the efforts expended bring 20% of the result. And vice versa.

How to understand where the most productive 20% are? It is worth thinking about what exactly you want to achieve from social networks and, accordingly, which networks you should go for this.
What are social media companies doing?

Most often:

Maintain their own blogs, groups, pages
"They go to visit": publish their materials on other people's resources
Give paid advertising (this can be done even if you do not have your own groups / pages)
Interact with opinion leaders: companies invite bloggers to their events, let them test products, send books for reviews, and so on.
Are engaged in monitoring (manually or using special services)

What results will each activity achieve?

I drew the following diagram for you:

what is the result of different types of activity in social networks

Compare the colored circles with the corresponding type of activity and you will see that, say, your representation on the social network allows you to “close” many functions, and monitoring allows you to conduct research and look for new customers. Etc.

Great, you say. Since my pages are so useful, I create them soon. But where to start? Which social network to choose? It depends on your goals.

Today I will tell you about what goals it is convenient to achieve with the help of LiveJournal.

LiveJournal is worth starting if you have something to say: for example, you have some kind of expert opinion, and others will listen with interest. LiveJournal is well suited if the result of your work can be shown and described in the format of large articles, collections, digests. That is, LiveJournal involves verbose posts, not very frequent, but always containing your opinion, result, your article, illustrative or photographic material.

You can publish in LiveJournal from 1 to 3 times a week. Of course, these are just general requirements, test the optimal frequency for yourself! The audience here is quite demanding on the quality of posts, demotivators with cats will not work. Well, only if you draw demotivators and cats yourself, and this is the point of your magazine :). It is desirable to respond to comments within a day.

Source: www.azconsult.ru
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