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Five years ago, a well-known concert agency booked rooms for a Russian pop mega-star and her team. As usual, we were immediately sent a rider (list of requirements for admission of a celebrity)

The popularity of this singer is not the same as it was ten or fifteen years ago. But the personality is still bright, charismatic and very famous. Each of her appearances in public causes excitement and great interest of the paparazzi.

I picked up the rider and sat down to read. The document is four pages long.

I read carefully. The requirements are quite standard: a multi-room executive suite and five regular rooms - for the director, a security guard, a make-up girl and two assistants. All rooms must be nearby. Well, other standard requirements. Two pillows - such and such size and quality. And here is one. Such drinks are possible. And those are not possible. These foods she eats, but these - in any case.

The temperature in the room is necessarily 23 degrees (underlined). And for greater persuasiveness, there is a postscript - a mandatory requirement. So for sure - not a degree lower. In the case of a complaint, a violation of the rider's conditions.

Nothing worrisome. Hotels very often host unknown wealthy guests with much more serious requirements.

And suddenly I read: “All the windows and frames are tightly covered with black cloth. (underlined). Without seams and joints. With 100% opacity at any time of the day.

This is the first time I've heard of such a requirement.

“Well, whims have gone,” I think. “Is it fear of paparazzi or hotel staff?” After all, the suite has triple curtains. And there are rolls.

The next morning I phoned the organizers. Told them that the rider is simple enough, no problem. But he asked the question, why do we need black fabrics on the windows.

The response of the organizers shocked me. The celebrity repeatedly resorted to the services of plastic surgeons back in the distant nineties. One of the unsuccessful surgical interventions caused irreparable damage to her eyelids. And any, even a small ray of light, or its reflection in the mirror, disturb her sleep.

We decided not to touch the window openings. And on each frame individually they glued black plastic garbage bags with adhesive tape - the most dense ones. At the same time, each transom could, if necessary, be opened to ventilate the room.

The star's visit was a success. She turned out to be a very modest, intelligent and intelligent person. And a very beautiful woman. Mature age.

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