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For more than a month I did not keep this section, but it's time to continue, especially since there are not many really good blogs left, today we have another dozen.
1. I learned about this blog, to my shame, quite recently, but I personally met its author.
The name of the author is Sergey Lensky, Moscow. He is a DJ, a blogger in the best sense of the word (once he was a TOP), a bit of a photographer. In general, the personality is quite fond of, versatile.

The magazine does not have a single theme, but is free from politics, religious stories and other obscurantism.
Does not engage in mutual friendliness. Even if Sergei has known you for a hundred years, but your magazine is not interesting to him - do not be offended and do not whine "add me mutually." Nothing personal, but will not add to the quantity. Personally, I recommend this blog.

2. The next author from Brest is Tanya. If you have visited and subscribed to her page, then you like to explore the world through travel and photography. It doesn't really matter if you do it yourself. The main thing is that you can see!

Let these records inspire you to something new in your life: new emotions, new places, new experiences!
Tanya is not a professional photographer, let alone a traveler. She just takes a camera in her backpack, goes to the track and raises her right thumb - this is where real life begins!

3. Unfortunately, the next blog, for some reason I don’t understand, has not been conducted since February (But, I personally have hope that Tatyana will return to us. Tatyana from Cheboksary. Her blog is still young, and it is dedicated to traveling around the cities of Russia and European countries by car.

They travel together with their husband Sergei (he wrote some articles), with friends and less often with children. He dreams that their children will also become road travelers, but so far they prefer trains and planes. In addition to travel, the blog will sometimes feature sports related articles, stories about Cheboksary's hometown, Chuvash traditions, and a bit of family life.

4. Despite the fact that I myself am a food blogger, this section is almost the first blog about food. The girl's name is Tatyana, Moscow.

A blog on a variety of topics, a lot of delicious food and of course travel.

5. Unfortunately, there is no information about the author of the following blog. Even what her name is. I can only assume that she is from Moscow. But the blog is very interesting with photos and travel reports. I recommend.

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