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I think everyone here is progressive enough to shop online in China, but does everyone know that you can shop on Aliexpress much cheaper using cashback services? For those who do not know, I will briefly note that by ordering a product using the link issued by the cashback service, you can return up to 7% of the amount of your order. So on AliExpress's birthday, I want to talk in detail about the best services and compare the conditions that they offer at the moment for shopping in China's largest online store. And for those who are not interested in details, but only the return percentage is important - there is a data plate at the end.

To begin with, let me remind you of the very mechanics of the process, thanks to which such an opportunity appeared in general.

That is, in this case, Aliexpress.com pays commissions to all these services for the fact that they are engaged in attracting buyers to them. The percentage paid depends on the turnover of the service: the more the online store is interested in the partner, the better conditions it gives, and when Aliexpress pays commission to the service, the service transfers some percentage to the buyer. This is cashback.

imageOver the past few years, many cashbackers have appeared, but it makes no sense to consider everything, since most of them are completely uncompetitive. I chose only those who, with the help of their turnover, are able to receive the maximum percentage from the store and after that they are not greedy, but give most of it to the buyer.

So here's who I chose:
2. Cash4brands
3. Ebates
4. Cashback Epn
5. Kopikot
6. Dronk Cashback

Those who are not yet familiar with Letyshops sometimes think that this is a scam or just some kind of fraud, because you can’t give so much money back to people. I can confidently refute all these suspicions, since my personal experience with Letyshops and reviews on the network cause only positive emotions. And finally, the statistics of the growth of these guys in recent months, which is provided by Similarweb, helps to finally dispel doubts.

imageYou can easily register in the service with a couple of clicks through social networks, after which the tips will tell you everything you need in a couple of minutes and even offer to make the first test order in a pseudo-shop. At the first stage, you will most likely find out that you need to add Letyshops to the exceptions or temporarily disable the adblock. Such a requirement is necessary, since the adblock can block the transfer of information to aliexpress that you came from here. That is, if you do not transfer this information, Ali simply will not pay commissions to the service, and you will not receive cashback.

Another fairly well-known service among cashbacks can be called, and here again you will find only positive feedback about working with it. 689 stores are connected to the service, so you can shop in this way not only in China. A quarter of a million people use this every month, which is 6 times less than LetyShops, but still not bad. Aliexpress offers discounts from 2 to 25%, but usually range from 2 to 6%.
The only foreign service on our list and may not be the most convenient, but it is very popular in the world, where 20 million people visit every month and more than 1800 stores are connected to it.image For purchases on AliExpress, it provides a 5% discount.
This is a highly specialized cashback service that works with only one store - AliExpress, but offers to receive a cashback in the amount of 7% of your check. The interface here is as simple as possible and apparently simplicity captivates, because 700,000 people go to it a month, which makes it the second most visited and its growth is also gaining momentum.
Another convenient service for getting cashback. A well-thought-out interface that will immediately introduce you to how everything is arranged in it. About 360 thousand. people visit it monthly, which indicates the level of trust, which, again, is much less than Letishops, but still worthy.
This service stands apart, as it offers not only to return the money, but also helps to choose the most suitable option. You can simply enter the name of the product in the search line and it will show in which stores you can buy it and how much money will be returned to you for this purchase.

And if you have already chosen what and where you want to buy, then simply insert the page address into the search line and you will be shown the exact amount that you can return.

The return percentage here is floating, but it is always higher than the market average, and for most products it is the best. For example, for most products on AliExpress, the return rate here is 8%.

I think conclusions should be drawn based on 3 parameters:
- user-friendly interface
- % of payments.
— Reliability

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