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"To decide to have a child is a serious matter. It means to decide that your heart will now and forever roam outside your body."
Elizabeth Stone.

I am glad to welcome you, dear mothers:

those who are just getting used to this mission, the main one in their lives;
those who have already successfully overcome all the first difficulties and are solving no less difficult tasks of education;
future mothers, who with joy and anxiety expect the appearance of their first child.

I hope that grandmothers wise with life experience will join us, who will share their advice with us, or even young dads who have long ceased to believe that only their wives should deal with small children.

I was born in Russia in Nizhny Novgorod. After graduating with a degree in global economics, I wanted to see how people live in other countries.

I took an intensive English course in Malta. In Cyprus, she received a bachelor's degree in the specialty "hotel business". Then she managed to work in the Seychelles at the Four Seasons Hotel.

It was in this beautiful country that she became a mother. There is a blog post here in which I talk in detail and very honestly about my problems and joys, fears and worries. If interested, please read.

The birth of my son Marsik (full name Mark Sebastian) radically changed my whole life. Everything has changed: priorities, values, interests, outlook on life, relationships with other people. I can't help feeling that every second of my life is filled with love.

Every day I am in search of how to make our life useful and interesting. I teach my son to swim (it's so interesting - swimming with a baby) and learned sign language with him (it helps us communicate when the family speaks three languages at the same time, this is problematic).

For all these troubles, at first I did not have time to look at myself in the mirror during the day. As a result, fatigue came, and irritation and self-doubt. I began to rush about in search of myself, a young woman, in this cycle of walking and preparing children's food.

Starting this blog, I set myself several tasks:

To comprehend everything that happens to me and find a way not to lose myself as a woman and a person while my son grows up.
Share your experience with mothers like me and find answers from them to questions that are still unsolvable for themselves.
Tell about the country that became the birthplace of my son. It is beautiful and you can describe it every corner endlessly.

This is how a rubric was born, far from motherhood - astrology, posts about belly dancing and the formation of correct posture. I could not avoid the regular publication of the doctor's opinion on various issues of children's and women's health.

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